octubre 23, 2017

Doctor in Madrid – Fares

On-demand on-call Doctor in Madrid, we strive to provide a quality and affordable medical service (both at particular homes and to hotels) in Madrid and, of course, in English. For this we make available our full Domiciliary Medical Service  in Madrid, with everything you expect from a doctor, as well as our other services you can consult on this link .

Our rates are as follows:

  • Scheduled Consultation:
    • From Monday to Friday, in service area 1, booked with more than 24h in advance: € 75
    • Weekends, or any time in service area 2, booked with more than 24h in advance: € 100
  • Urgent Consultation , any day of the week without prior reservation:
    • From 7.30 a.m. to 10 p.m.: 100 €
    • From 10.00 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.: 125 €

Description of the Medical Service in Madrid:

It includes:

  • Domiciliary Medical visit with systematic anamnesis, physical examination and exploration of vital signs :
    1. Pulse,
    2. Saturation of O2,
    3. Blood pressure,
    4. Temperature.
  • Issue of :
    1. Report of the visit,
    2. Prescriptions for drugs, if needed,
    3. Prescriptions for additional diagnostic tests, if needed,
    4. Official Bill.
  • Digital tracking through our HealthCoach service . During the duration of treatment of the acute problem.
  • Displacement within the indicated service area.

Does Not Include:

  • The drugs used during the visit, which must be paid separately.
  • Additional diagnostic tests, which must be paid to the professional who performs them.
  • Follow-up through face-to-face consultation or through online consultation. Both will have a discount of 25% on the usual price when dealing with a recurring patient.
  • Displacements besides the round trip within the indicated service area.
  • Any care or service not specified in the “includes” section of this page.

You can pay in advance, with a discount, your Doctor in Madrid Service through the following links, by credit card or PayPal:

  • Scheduled Inquiry:
    • Weekly, Zone A
    • Weekends and / or Zone B
  • Urgent Consultation:
    • 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.
    • 22.00 to 7.30

You can check our terms and conditions in this link.